CC-domino blog giveaway (ends on 08-30)

visit :

here's a make up kit giveaway by CC-Domino :

it's open for everyone ^^ this is perfect for those girls who doesn't have make up kit like ME !! xD

Delia's Choice blog giveaway (ends on 09-08)

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ok . so im back on track hunting for blog giveaways . oh wait .. actually, i already have them on my list, i just didn't have time to do all the entries . yea, cause i want to do ALL of the entries for more chances of winning !! :)

anyway, i have another one here from delia's choice .

i hope i get this one i hope i get this one . i just won a sigma brush from inspirations have i none , and yes, i wanna win this one cause they are 2 different types of brushes though they're on the same brand .

MakeUpByNessa blog giveaway (ends on 08-19)

visit her site at :
if you love make-up, then you'll surely love her giveaway :)

so , i stumbled upon her site to find out that this girl is giving out I.C.E. Cosmetics :) i love the colors .

ok , incase i win all these stuff that i am eyeing for, OMG im gonna become a FULL PLEDGED GIRL LOL .. seriously, i will try my hardest to become a young lady xD

anyway, here's a photo of the prize :)

FASCHE.ORG blog giveaway (ends 08-30)

LIKE GREAT GREAT GREAT PRIZES !! and im just not saying that, I LITERALLY MEAN IT !! okay .. you'll see what i mean when you scroll down for the giveaway photos .

it's so cool to have a lot of sponsors . you get to give out a lot of prizes *envies* below are the prizes :

see ?? i told you so O_O

for more info , visit :

Inspirations Have I None Blog Giveaway CLOSED ! I WON XD

ladiessss . hold yer horses ! lol .. here comes the sigma e25 brush !! :) *i want i want i want*

and yea, as what the picture says, it's open INTERNATIONALLY !! (ok im so happy . haha) . i just want to get ahold of that brush, or the other sigma brush that other bloggers are giving out.

for more info, visit :

painted Lady Fingers Blog Giveaway (ends on 08-15)

good news to the ladiesssss ^^ another blog giveaway perfect for us :) hosted by painted lady fingers .

presenting , painted lady fingers' giveaway !! tenterrenen

a dr. remedy nail polish ! :) i love the baby blue color . what about you ?

and oh .. it ends on aug 15, so WE still have time !! (yea cause i just joined haha)

for more info , visit :

Leslie Loves Veggies Blog Giveaway (ends on 08-13)

this is actually open for US & Canada residents , but yea , im still hoping that my entries will be validated cause im not gonna get the item anyway . i want it to be sent to my boyfriend's sister awww LOL

uh yes . as what you can see on the title, leslie loves veggies, is hosting a blog giveaway ^_^ and the prize is one of Michael Simon's designed clothes (you get to choose i think) .

to those who are in the USA/Canada, hurry !! :) cause it's almost the 13th >.<

for more info, visit :

D.G.S. Beauty Blog Giveaway (ends on 08-31)

weee ~ another blog giveaway worth joining ! :) OPEN INTERNATIONALLY

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so here's the D.G.S. Beauty site header :) she's giving out lots of cool stuff . but i really really really want the brush >.< IM SO WANTING TO GET THE BRUSH !! i hope i get it . im okay if i just get the brush, BUT it would be really cool if i get the grand prize !! hahaha .. i think im gonna become a *cough*woman*cough* if ever i win one of these giveaways posted here because everything is all about make up :) haha kewl

for more info, visit :

Lea's Pretty Little World Blog Giveaway (ends on 08-26)

PERFECT ! Lea's Pretty Little World is doing a blog giveaway :)

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it's a really pretty necklace *____*
it will look good on *cough*me*cough* hahahha

for more info, visit :

getting hooked blog giveaway (ends on 1st week of sept)

it's 8.39pm here on my clock, and yes, im still out hunting for blog giveaways !! :)

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found this awesome crafter's blogsite who is giving out 3 handmade rubber stamps ! OMG :O the stamps just looks so cuteee ~

anyways, it wasn't stated there if it was a worldwide giveaway or USA , but im still joining ! haha .. i'll be giving it to my boyfriend's mom or sister anyway who's in the US :) so, win win . i jsut hope i get this one *crossing my fingers*

not your ordinary beautyqueen giveaway (ends on 08-25)

thank youu for the author of not your ordinary beautyqueen for leaving the link of your giveaway (uhmm .. i wasn't able to find it w/o her help) .

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it's an international blogiveaway !! :) yippee .. anyway, she's giving out this necklace that looks really cool & nice . so, i was thinking, ooohh .. i wanna have it . thus, me joining the giveaway ^_^

for more info, visit :

CHU May Kay blog giveaway (ends on 08-10)

another international giveaway ! haha .. this really makes me happy . oh yea .. i forgot to tell you , im from the philippines :)

click img to be redirected to her page
okay . things that i want on her giveaway :
  • POCKY .. really yummy
  • bambi lense (i haven't tried any lense, this would be nice)
  • dolly wink volume mascara

okay . cmon . i need to win one , i mean i WANT to win one giveaway . i wonder how it feels .

for more info :

yuki's blog giveaway (no deadline yet)

YAY international giveaway !! ^______^

click img to be redirected to her page

yuki's giving away a lot of stuff for her 6 months in blogging world ^_^ she's not asking for a lot of requirements, so , this is kinda a good thing for us bloggers :) hurray .. i want the contact lense that she's giving out . i hope i'll get that one *crossing my fingers*

misskatv blog giveaway (ends on 09-04)

click img to be redirected to her page
isn't it cute ? i mean, her banner >.< waaa

 *walks walks walks* *stops* ..... OOHHH THIS ONE !! misskatv is doing a blog giveaway :) she's giving away cool stuff !! im actually laying my eyes on the brush *stares* okay .. i hope i win this one >.< i definitely want the brush !! i have 10 entries for this giveaway ! hahaha .. oh wells .. more entries, more chances of winning ! yay !!

for further details, go to :

kiss 'n make-up blog giveaway (ends on 09-08)

 okay, im an official blogwalker/hopper now ! haha .. ive been roaming around the cyberspace looking for some blog giveaways of my interest , and saw Kiss n' Make-up's blog giveaway .

click img to be redirected to her page
first thing i saw was the SPA giveaway . that really caught my attention cause i have been wanting to go to the spa and just relax . but it kinda confused me ? i think the spa giveaway was like a gift check at a certain spa place .

so, i looked around her site again, and saw her birthday international giveaway !! YAY .. the photos of the products are just so nice that made me want to join the blog giveaway . so here i am ! blogging about it . haha ..

for further info visit :

makeup diary's blog giveaway (ends on 09-01)

 another blog giveaway to join ! haha .. im really having fun :) lol .. i just hope i'll get chosen to at least one .

click img to be redirected to her page

anyways, here's makeup diary's blog giveaway :) it's like A LOT :O made me WOW . and the banner's a real beauty :) hihi ..

i actually filled everything out >.< including the 3 extras to get awesomeness number of entries !! *crossing fingers* haha ..

visit site for further details :

gelleesh blog giveaway CLOSED!

haha .. yea , ive been looking at blog giveaways recently and find them very interesting . therefore, i made a blog dedicated to the blog giveaways that i am joining :) so far i have 2 . this one is sthe 2nd one .

click img to be redirected to her page

well, i stumbled upon photos of blog giveaways, and it led me to "gelleesh"'s site . she's throwing her very first blog giveaway :) and the lip balm caught my eye . omg :O im so obsessed with lips cosmetics . lmao ..

for further details, visit her post at :

astoldbyjulz blog giveaways (ends on 08-22)

                I do blogwalking everyday, and  I see bloggers giving blog giveaways, and bloggers join giveaways. So, might as well try it myself right? HAHA ..
                I’m joining my friend's, ate Julz, blog giveaway which will end on August 22. It’s only available for bloggers located in the Philippines *sorry*

im not really a “make-up” person (I only do lipgloss), but yea, this lip gloss/tint that ate julz is giving away caught my attention :) yea, I hope I get it .

here it is ! the lip gloss/tint :)
for the mechanics, click this :